Fly Fish Guanaja – South Cays, Guanaja, Honduras

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A family-style lodge with space for 8 anglers, Fly Fish Guanaja is located right on the flats in the island’s South Cays area. You can step out of the lodge directly onto the flats and see tailing fish. This is a great option for groups of anglers looking for somewhere remote and productive.




The fishing

True virgin water is hard to find when it comes to sport fishing, but the flats of Guanaja come pretty close. This little pocket of the Caribbean secreted away at the southern tip of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is starting to build a solid reputation – bonefish and permit are present in excellent numbers, with tarpon also in the mix at certain times of year. As the folks at Fly Fish Guanaja say, the fishing is similar to that of Mexico or Belize, but “what makes Guanaja unique is we are usually the only ones fishing there”.

Fly Fish Guanaja recommend a selection of gotchas, charlies, puffs, bonefish bitters (all in size 8 or 6) for bonefish; kung fu crab, flexo crab and Anderson’s McCrab (sizes 2 4 & 6) for permit; and black-and-red bunnies or gummy minnows for the tarpon (sizes 0, 2 & 4). Note that beneath the water the ground here is rocky and littered with fragmented coral, so weed guards are essential for most flies. The folks at the lodge will happily help you install them when you get there, if you haven’t already.

The lodge has four custom built panga-style boats that are perfect for navigating the waters around Guanaja.

Lodging & facilities

This private beachfront lodge can accommodate 8 anglers per week. The main lodge has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms, and the guest cabin boasts two further beds and a bathroom.  There is a spacious hammock-lined deck overlooking the flats, providing a prime spot in which to laze about looking for bonefish and permit. If you need to tie up some extra flies, the fly-tying table here is as good as any you’ll find.

There aren’t many lodges that come with a presidential seal of approval. However, this is what Jimmy Carter had to say after his stay here:  “For all practical purposes, Guanaja seems to be virgin territory – at least for bonefish and permit.  We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Guanaja, one of the most beautiful and secluded fishing spots in this hemisphere.”


Saturday-Saturday packages range from $3,200-$3,500, depending on season.

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