Top 5: 2012 Christmas Wish List

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Five fishtastic things we’d like to be unwrapping at the end of December

Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling1. Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling 

Santa Claus, if you’re reading, bear in mind that I’ve thought long and hard about this one. I have subsequently arrived at the conclusion that (without wishing to sound too pushy) this is no longer a luxury, would-be-nice-to-have item, but an absolute necessity.

Having been on the lookout for a decent fishing day-pack for a while, this one would appear to tick all the boxes. It’s water resistant, compact yet roomy (with plenty of space for a couple of fly or lure boxes and a camera), plus it has lots of little hidey holes including a 100% waterproof security pocket and attachments for zingers and whatnot. It slides round to the front for easy access and, best of all, it’s got this super-helpful front-zippered panel that flips open to reveal a miniature fly-tying table. It’s the kind of thing you look and think: “Ahaaaa, of course, that’s what I need.”

Seasons on the Flats2. Seasons on the Flats
(Stackpole-Headwater publishing)

I’ve got a thing for the Keys – I’ve been lucky enough to fish there a handful of times and was smart enough to propose to my wife there. The arrival of a small child in our life has, temporarily at least, restricted our travelling ability, so a repeat visit seems a little way off right now. So how’s a man to get his fix? I’m thinking Bill Horn’s book, with its season-spanning chronicle of an angler’s life in this special place, might be just the vicarious shot in the arm I need.


3. A ticket to the Bahamas

I appreciate this one’s a bit greedy but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t thinking about it. This time two years ago, I was wading across the pristine flat you see below, casting to tailing bones, with only myself (and the folks at Mount Pleasant Lodge) for company. I wonder how many hours I’ve spent reliving it in my mind since. I’m not bored of those memories, but I could do with supplementing them if you know what I mean…

The White Bight - I'll be thinking of you

A salmon 

Never caught one. Ever. There, I’ve said it. As the editor of a fishing and travel website, I feel like I should have, but the simple fact is I haven’t. As mysterious and alluring as they are, I’ve never put in the hard yards required to put one of the chrome kings on the bank. In Europe (certainly in the UK), there’s no getting away from the fact that salmon are very hard to catch – and doing so can be an expensive business and to be quite frank, I’d usually rather spend that money on a trip to, well… see point three. But I’m thinking next year might just be the time to put this right – perhaps a combined salmon/bass trip to Ireland? This is starting to sound more like a 2013 resolution, but you get the idea…

Fishipedia Christmas Wish List: Salmon

Photo: Adam Conolly

Geofish – Mexico Vol 1 (DVD)

Four fish bums, 8,000 miles, a barrow-load of adventures… and one lazy bum watching it all from the comfort of his own sofa. That’s how I see Boxing Day panning out this year. The reality, I’ll wager, will be a little different. A man’s got to dream though – that’s what this time of year is all about.


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